Winners 2016 announced

This year, works have been awarded in the categories Product Design, Photography and Experiments with a total of € 15,000 worth in prize money.

The Stuttgart-based Studio Umschichten received the 1st prize in the special category Experiments for their strategy of precycling. The design studio uses semi-finished products from the industry for its installations, which are returned to their original production processes after temporary use. The prize is endowed with € 2,000. A 2nd prize in the same category went to Kristin Dolz for her work Die Konform, to Malte Sänger for Partition, and Anke Binnewerg for Material Board.

Almut Hilf received the 1st prize in the category Photography for her work Denken im Bestand. From apparently insignificant material, often photocopied photographs of interiors, she creates elaborate collages reminiscent of nested architectures. The prize is endowed with € 2,000. The 2nd prize in the same category were given to Kalinka Gieseler for her work Junkspace. Three 3rd prizes were given to Nikolai Frerichs for Amorph, Marta Kryszkiewicz for Der Schwanz ist ganz leicht gegabelt, und die Federn sind quergebändert, and Falk Messerschmidt for non-performance.

Product Design
The 1st prize in the category Product Design has been awarded twice: to Marcel Pasternak for his work bionicTOYS, which expands conventional modular systems (such as LEGO) with flexible components, thus enabling a playful reproduction of bionic principles; and to Wassilij Grod for CONBOU – Lightweight Construction, a lightweight bamboo construction board. The prize is endowed with € 1,500 each. The works verbinder by Leon Rinne (with Tabea Lanhuijzen, Michael Schoenigner & Andreas Hutter), Ashes by Birgit Severin, Food Time by Maria Braun, nd From Siberia by Anastasiya Koscheeva received the 2nd prize in this category.

Special Awards
Sandra Stark & Carmina Blank received a Special Award donated by the New School for Photography for their work Die Ästhetik des Unheimlichen. Paula van Brummelen received a Special Award donated by Industrieverein Sachsen 1828 e.V. for Responsive Surfaces. Smow’s Special Awards went to Verena Kuck for the one-person tent Nachtfalter, and to Adrianus Kundert for Ripening Rugs. Chuana Mahlendorf received the special prize donated by LUMALENSCAPE for FOLIFLORA – a new way to handle clay.

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