Winners of the 7th Award

Today, on the 28 September 2019, the exhibition I am all of glass. Marianne Brandt and art of glass today has been opened at the Chemnitz Museum of Industry. It is on view until 1 December 2019. The exhibition by Kunstverein Villa Arte consists of three parts: the works by Bauhaus artist Marianne Brandt (from the collection of the Chemnitz Museum of Industry, the Frankfurt collector Bernd Freese and the Marianne Brandt Society), the nominated works of the 7th International Marianne Brandt Award and personal glass treasures of the citizens of Chemnitz that were submitted in advance after a call for submissions.

As part of the opening, the award winners in the three categories – Experiments, Photography and Product design – have been announced. The prizes are each endowed with € 5.000.


LEVEL, SCREEN, SWAYING by Yvon Chabrowski (Leipzig)

In the video sculptures LEVEL, SCREEN and SWAYING performers investigate the media-based imaged interior of a flatscreen monitor and its glazed boundary. Yvon Chabrowski shows the performers’ bodies in life-size. She thus creates a direct confrontation with the represented subject, which is less image than living body. We might almost think we can touch the bodies and walk around them. And yet there is always something in between, a sheet of glass, invisible at first, which separates. The screen is support and boundary, interface and projection surface. The video sculptures provide an alternative media-based model in the charged field of media image production and physical experience, which the viewer can relate to physically.

Yvon Chabrowski studied at the Academy of Visual Arts in Leipzig with Timm Rautert and Florian Ebner and at the École Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-Arts in Lyon. She graduated from the masterclass of Peter Piller in Leipzig. Her work has been shown in numerous international exhibitions. In 2019 she received a scholarship from the Hanseatic city of Rostock and, in 2020, a scholarship from the Villa Serpentara in Olevano near Rome.

Statement of the jury: In the video works by Yvon Chabrowski, performers in indeterminate spaces move behind glass panes, confronting the viewer as life-size figures, blurring all the usual categories of inside and outside in a complex, contemporary allegory of being in the glass. In doing so, she unfolds a metaphor of glass that appeals to this material as a medium of transparency, distance and control.

Category Photography
Tape Studies by Stefanie Pluta (Cologne)

Tape Studies
is a work consisting of photographs produced in Duisburg Main Station in 2018. Built between 1931 and 1934 in functionalist style, the then state-of-the-art rail track building, a floating construction of steel and glass, now makes a desolate impression. The glass facades of the platform construction are damaged for the most part and patched with adhesive tape. This results in graphic patterns that take effect as an enigmatic and idiosyncratic sign system. Tape Studies is a photographic approach to this site between transformation and stagnation.

Stefanie Pluta studied at the Folkwang University of the Arts in Essen and at the Academy of Media Arts in Cologne. In her work she explores architecture, public spaces and spatial arrangements, urban phenomena and marginal phenomena.

Statement of the jury: In the photographic “Tape Studies” by Stefanie Pluta, the glass is impressively portrayed as a fragile material, without negating the associations of clarity and firmness associated with this material. In the pictures of broken and reassembled panes, the contradictoriness of the glass, solid and brittle at the same time, appears in a poetic intermediate state.

Product Design
AO – Tea Cans by Valeska Tullney (Hamburg)

“AO” is the old Japanese name for a colour spectrum from green to blue – the colour of distant mountains. Inspired by the Japanese “Way of Tea”, this five-part series of mouth-blown tea caddies was created. The flowing surface structure invites a conscious haptic examination of the object. The heavy, sand-cast bronze lid ages and is, by nature, imperfect. Symbols of movement and change with simultaneous inner peace. The essence of drinking tea.

Valeska Tullney is a product design student from Hamburg, who studies at the HAWK Hildesheim. During her studies, she got to know the different facets of glassmaking and appreciates the material for its versatility and elegance.

Statement of the jury: The poetic tea containers “AO” by Valeska Tullney are not only a subtle creative response to the tea pots designed by Marianne Brandt in the 1920s at the Bauhaus. Tullney manages to charge her cubic tea containers of hand-blown glass, which vary the motif of the cube in a subtle poetic and very peculiar manner, through hues ranging from blue to green, as well as other material effects with landscape associations.

In addition, two special prizes were awarded during the opening of the exhibition.

Special Prize donated by the New School of Photography Berlin
Imperfections by Lara Lütke (Weimar)

Special Prize donated by LUMALENSCAPE
GLASS + [X] = EXUVIA by Anna Holzapfel (Berlin)

Congratulations to the winners!

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