Winners 2022

As part of the opening of the festival weekend, the winners of the 8th International Marianne Brandt Competition in the three categories – Project, Photography and Text – have been announced. 

Main award in the category Project
Irene Trejo (Mexico)

Fluid Ecotonalism of Irene Trejo is a poetic, but also scientifically based method in which water – that in humans, as in many other-than-human creatures, constitutes a large part of the body – is not explored abstractly, but in each case directly on site as a medium that connects us to other natural existences.

Recognition of the category Project
Katarína Dubovská (Slowakia)

By extracting the images from countless illustrated printed matter and collecting them as colored liquids, Katarína Dubovská re-materializes them as a “flood of images” and artistically-metaphorically deconstructs the exploitation practices of media that are closely linked to social and power structures.

Main award in the category Photography
Marta Djourina (Germany)

In her project Glowing Attraction, Marta Djourina develops photographic images together with bioluminescent, i.e. light-generating algae and fungi, in which they depict themselves as living beings, as it were.

Recognition of the category Photography
Zana Briski (USA)

When an animal lies down at night in the forest on the photographic paper spread out by Zana Briski, its silhouette remains as a “white shadow” after a short exposure. She sees the resulting photogram as a ghostly gift that recalls the fragility and magic of nature. 

Main award in the category Text
Elfi Seidel (Germany)

In her artist’s book Alphabet Forest, Elfi Seidel succeeds in using poem fragments from a more than 2000-year history of nature poetry to create a new, fictional poetic forest that is conceived as ecological, biodiverse, and self-regenerating. 

Congratulations to the winners.

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