Poetry and Function – two concepts that according to Marianne Brandt’s understanding, should form a symbiosis.

In response to several overlapping crises such as the global economic and the climate crises, rationality is becoming considerably relevant. However, for Marianne Brandt and other Bauhaus designers, rationality has never conflicted with the emanation of emotional warmth. Pursuant to the primary idea of the Bauhaus, to adapt production methods to the production conditions existing at that time, we are asking: What can a designer work on today?

The critical analysis of the current state of our environment as a basis for design should be understood as a central challenge for this contest; encouraging young designers, photographers and artists to re-discover ideas of the past and to interrogate them regarding our contemporary culture.

Until today, Marianne Brandt has significantly influenced design and is deemed to be an eminent authority amongst 20th century designers. Her designs are remembered as some of the most significant accomplishments of product design. The international Marianne Brandt Contest has its origins in this creative legacy and is internationally announced every three years.

The Marianne Brandt Contest enjoys the reputation of being internationally esteemed and has become one of the most popular contests in Europe due to the appreciation of authentic and poetic works as well as the great support of many institutions, individuals, patrons and helpers.

Since 2000, the contest has been held in three categories referring to Marianne Brandt’s main fields of activity: Product Design, Photography, and one other special category. All submitted exhibits will be audited by a renowned jury.

Following the Bauhaus tradition, one of the highlights of this contest is a dignified closing ceremony in the Chemnitz Museum of Industry. All participants, supporters, jury members and guests will be invited to a discourse encouraging get-together.

The body responsible for the contest is the Kunstverein Villa Arte from Marianne Brandt’s hometown Chemnitz. Galery owner and cultural manager Ilona Rosenkranz originally initiated the project.