Award 2010

1983 DE
Wulf Kramer

„Your Style is Your Product“


„Your Style is Your Product“ – the project combines the two oppositional approaches of individual single objects and mass production in the desgin for a lamp. In order to bridging and connecting  the two oppositional approaches the geometry oft he lamp is captured in a digital 3D model. The customer has online access to the model, thus he is able to change and modify the geometry. The customised model allows direct connection to production using modern CAM techniques. The project combines contemporary computer aided manufacturing, digital design strategies and geometrically customised objects.

Promotion Award of the Minister (Sächsisches Staatsministerium, Dresden)



1983 born 2003 first architectural experiences at Motorlab Architekten, Mannheim 2004 studies of Architecture at the University of Stuttgart, work in several architectural offices 2008 studied at the Academy of Art and Design, Stuttgart, completed the following semster as an exchange student at the TU Delft 2009 Karl-Steinbuch-Scholarship for his ongoing project „Your Style is  Your Product“