Award 2016

Verena Kuck



Nachtfalter is an outdoor sleeping system for sheltered sleep. Based on the collapsible framework system of a pop-up tent, this one-person tent contrasts clearly with all conventional temporary tent systems on the market. The technical concept enables a construction whereby the user can spend the night inside, without any restrictions. The new selection of material characterises the internal space of 245 × 80 × 95 cm, which can be easily packed to a size of thirty centimetres in diameter. The built-in tarp and the supportive construction pole in the front of the tent enhance the internal space significantly. The main fabric used is ripstop nylon. It is consistently reinforced with additional nylon filaments, ensuring a high tensile strength and optimum weather resistance. With a weight of less than two kilograms, the tent is quickly set up and embodies the perfect companion for the next camping tour.

Special award given by smow



Verena Kuck lives and works as a graphic designer in Dusseldorf. She studied industrial design at the Wuppertal University and during her studies worked on numerous projects with textile materials.