Award 2007

1971 DE
Tomke Biallas/ Grisella Kreiterling



With enthusiasm for aprons we started a lively cooperation in 2003. Our first product the apronbelt was born between screaming children and kindergarden. The key hook/hanger followed and crowned our chaos with the Design Plus Award (Prize). Because of our passion for design and fun creating together we got down to business and launched nordprodukt. We attend to all steps of our products process from design to manufacturing and sale. We appreciate simple design solutions that are hard to find. Products that make our everyday life easier and much more beautiful.

Appreciation + Specail Award (bruno banani, Wirtschaftsjunioren Chemnitz e.V.)


Tomke Biallas - born in 1971 product and interieur design 2000 diploma in industrial design, HfbK Hamburg, since 2000 freelance as designer, Bettina Machel, Mylk, Museum für Kunst und Gewerbe, Praxis 2003 -2004 project management for Designerlabor Bremerhaven


Grisella Kreiterling - born in 1971 product design and photography 1999 diploma in industrial design, HfbK Hamburg, since 1996 freelance as a designer, ag4 büro für mediale architektur, ag4medien, BfGf 2000 - 2001 product engineering raumschiff-interactive, Hamburg, since 2003 photographer-pool plainpicture 1+2=(3) nordprodukt 2007 foundation of the designlabel 2007 design+preis for keyholder