Contest 2001

1969 GER
Tina Ruisinger


1969 born in Stuttgart, Germany, 1989 - 1990 Foreign Language Secretary, Hamburg, 1991 - 1992 Hamburg School of Photography, 1996 - 1998 International Center of Photography, New York, since 1992 work as freelance photographer in the fields of reportage, dance, portraiture, mood, work an »The Faces of Photography«, 1999 Foundation of tm.woRK photography in Zurich, since 1998 residence and work in Zurich and Berlin, 1998 Kodak Nachwuchsförderpreis (Grant) for »The Faces of Photography«/Kodak Professionell, since 1992 various exhibitions in Imperia (Italy), Stuttgart and Hamburg (Germany), ICP annual exhibition New York, Photokina Köln group show »ausgezeichnet«


Award Winner