Award 2010

1973 DE
Thorsten Kirchhoff

"Alibi" - barytprint


"Alibi" - the picture suggest incidents. They can be part of a story or an anecdote, pieces of a moment or just a note. They are fragments. In this process the artist tries to neglect any reference to the place or to the actual story. From the artist´s point of view some pictures have two levels. One level describes can be actually seen on the picture and the other creates a feeling which cannot be put into words. The artist is exactly looking for those images because they are linked to his feelings, wishes, dreams, fears and memories. He wants to detect the things that lie behind the ostensibly visible. Presented in a series the images do not result in a logical narrative structure. They are rather to consider as a free stream of associations. With the undefined incidents the artist wants to allow space for the beholder´s own interpretations and the images are to serve only as an underground for the imaginary.


Special Award (OSTKREUZSCHULE, Berlin)



1973 born in Thuine, lives and works in Berlin; Scolarships/Awards - 2000 foundation Württembergische Filztuchfabrik D. Geschmay 2001 scholarship "Jan Tschichold" of the Leipzig Media Foundation 2009 3rd Prize Viewbook PhotoStory Award, the Netherlands 2009 honored at Aenne Biermann Prize; Exhibitions - 2005 Konica-Minolta Gallery in Tokyo 2008 Westwerk, Triennial of Photography Hamburg 2008 Photo Festival 08 in New York 2008 Photomonth Krakow Off in Krakow, Poland 2008 Progr in Bern 2009 Bieler Fototage 2009 Berliner Kunstsalon, Germany 2010 MAK Gera, Germany 2010 Month of Photography Vienna, Austria