Award 2013

1985 DE
Susanne Schwarz

»Papier tragen«


Paper is flat, rigid, it bends, tears and is mass-
manufactured. To wear it as jewellery it should be complex and flexible, textile and tear-resistant but over time probably become a valuable unicum. The combination of modern laser technology and tedious handiwork grants materials like paper and tyvek with an unexpected and surprising form. The result is a delicate structure, made from only one line which appears to have organically grown.
»Papier tragen« (wearing paper) is a sensual experience.


Special Award Alessi


born in Nuremberg

Werkbundwerkstatt Nürnberg

Apprenticeship as a fashion seamstress

2008 – 2010
Apprenticeship as a silver smith

Since 2010
Studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Nuremberg,
specialising in Liberal Arts / gold and silver smithing,
taught by Prof. Ulla Mayer, Prof. Simone ten Hompel
and Prof. Suska Mackert

First place in the school‘s internal competition
from the Danner Foundation

First place in the class‘ internal competition
from the Danner Foundation