Award 2007

1975 DE
Sophie Barbara Kloess

"Teapot & Sugar and Cream Set“


The approach to the design of this teapot with warmer and accompanying sugar and cream set was the formal expression of a situation, a surrounding, an action. A silver teapot does not represent a simple utensil but much rather a cultural product. In this sense it does hold a practical function but even more so it constitutes a cultural action: the drinking of tea. The non the less existing functional capacities of the design express themselves in its use as well as in its construction: the teapot is filled through the large opening, the liquid is being kept in the body of the vessel and is finally poured and portioned though the small opening. One aim of the design was the creation of a closed and sculptural form for each of the vessels, which is not only the sum of the single functional elements. To accomplish this, the teapot´s insulated handle made of cast synthetics is integrated in the form and produces only a delicate contrast in colour and surface to the silver vessel. The symmetrically constructed teapot is formally supplemented by the slightly asymmetrical and almost natural pair of forms of the sugar sprinkler and creamer.

Appreciation + Special Award (Wirtschaftsjunioren Chemnitz e.V., NAEF Spiele AG)


1975 born in Delmenhorst 1995 A-levels 1995 - 1999 apprenticeship as goldsmith in Oldenburg 1999 - 2002 employment as goldsmith 2002 - 2007 studied of metal design at the HAWK Hildesheim 2007 diploma degree, freelance designer and silversmith