Award 2007

1972 DE
Sonja Jobs

"Le calendrier“


"Le calendrier" is an infinite calendar that visualizes the passing of time - be it past or future time. At the beginning of the year 377 cardboard pieces, one for each day and one for each month, are stacked on one vertical stick: december 31st lays on the bottom, january 1st on top. Each day one card is removed from the stick and turned over to be stacked on a second stick, where the stack of passed days grows continously. Time is passing by... its visible height declines on one side and it increase on the other side. "Le calendrier" is 1.20 meter high, its cardboards have been individually printed with wooden letters. It is both and object of daily use, a time measurement device, architectural object and sculpture.


Special Award (USM U., vitra, smow GmbH)


Born in Überlingen 1991 A-levels 1992 - 1996 studied communications design at the technical college in Constance 1996 - 1999 worked as Graphic-Designer for Roger Pfund in Geneva, since 2000 freelance graphic-designer in Berlin 2004 - 2006 teached the editorial-design classes at the Berlin Technical Art School 2005 co-foundation of the design studio "Pakt/ Grafische Gestaltung" in Berlin