Award 2013

Samuel Treindl

"objects of combination"


A critical examination of the current production process.
The characteristic décor of the "objects of combination" reflects the origin of the product -
a parasitic production process.
Through the effective process design and the incorporation of recycled residual material into the production and design, the concept presents itself as an environmental relief, an alternative to the func-
tional one-dimensionality of consumer products. Thus, the concept combines functional thinking with technical poetry. The product obtains a symbolic character, beyond that of normal functionality. The combined products present themselves as the beginning of a solution and a form of contention with the values of sustainability and responsibility. Hence the combination of products form an expression of ethos.




Wood turner in the specialist workshop of Alexander Ortlieb in Bernau

Academy of Design (HBZ) in Munster, graduated: state certified Craft Designer

Studies in Design at the University of Applied Sciences (Fachhochschule) in Munster, with emphasis on Product Design

Internship in Design-Büro Ding3000 in Hannover

Since 2010
Self-employed product designer in Munster

Focus Open Silver 2011 / Honoured by the Design Center Stuttgart for the »James« clothing
for Konstantin Slawinski

Interior Innovation Award for »James« clothing for Konstantin Slawinski