Award 2007

1979 DE
Robert Haslbeck

"Burg-Designershop - burgshop on tour"


It´s a gret dream of many designers to have their own shop with their own products and ideas. At the Burg Giebichtenstein, University of Art and Design in Halle/ Saale (Germany), this dream became real. The Burg-Designershop was opened July 2005 in the city´s central pedestrian area, as a store which has been planned, incepted and maintained by the students themselves, and where members of the university can sell their creations. Since then, it has been the ground for numerous small projects and workshops, in which an ongoing stream of small series of new products are first developed and fabricated, and finally marketed through the Burgshop. thereby, the shops functions as a sanbox for the students, to try our their talents under real market conditions. Finally, the idea has been extended to the "burgshop on tour", a mobile satellite of the original shop that is built as a set of easy-to-handle modules and is toured though Germany and Switzerland since that time.




1979 born in Merseburg 1995 - 1998 training carpenter, since 2003 studied at Burg Giebichtenstein University of Art and Design Halle