Award 2010

1988 PL
Natalie Morcinek

"m.lux - moving light"


Interaction between man an light- interaction between light and environment. "m.lux" emits just as much light as needed. in situations where a lot of light is required, the head section spreads horizontally and widens the cone of light. This is controlled individually by the city (depending on the time of the day) and by the lamp itself due to movement-sensitive lighting. The name itself is inspired by nature. Technical specifications: LED (light-emitting diode) in the head section, body made of GRP, height 169.30 inch


Appreciation + Special Award (CARALUX LED + Neonlichttechnik GmbH, Rackwitz)



1988 born in Bytom, Poland 1989 moving to Germany 2008 A-levels in Ettingen near Karlsruhe 2008 working in the assembling department at Daimler AG in Raststatt 2008 - 2009 internship at the model making company Steigerwald in Karlsbad 2009 studies at Pforzheim University, Industrial Design