Award 2016

Marta Kryskiewicz

Der Schwanz ist ganz leicht gegabelt, und die Federn sind quer gebändert


The photo series Natural Forms – Der Schwanz ist ganz leicht gegabelt, und die Federn sind quergebändert contains sixteen colour photographs. It refers to a tradition of thinking about material culture in an aesthetic context. The photographs show the continuous change of material and investigate the photographic options of imagery between or outside of the representational and non-representational. Especially in a state of decay and transition, things are in a diffuse formal order, which stands for something new, and already manifests itself in the image.

3prd prize (Photography)



Marta Kryszkiewicz lives and works in Leipzig. She studied photography at the Academy of Fine Arts Leipzig. Since 2007 her work has been shown in various exhibitions in Germany, Poland, Italy, the Netherlands, Switzerland and Venezuela; and are part of several collections, such as the Sparkasse Leipzig, the German National Library Leipzig, the German Book Museum and Kulturbahnof Leipzig.