Award 2016

Maria Braun

Food Time – Tableware for children


Food Time is an everyday tableware /tool set for children of all ages. Its objects can be used separately, but also in interaction with each other, helping children to learn their correct use in a playful way. One of the main design features is the convex bottom of the vessels. In this way the food gathers in a groove, where it can easily be spooned up by the matching tool. The use of handcrafted materials such as porcelain, wood and mouth-blown glass aims to train children’s senses for materiality. Figurative decorations, which frequently designate children’s tableware per se, were deliberately eschewed. Instead, the decorations and colours were inspired by everyday natural phenomena. The colour transitions bleeding into one another are reminiscent of sunrise and sunset, thus the times of the day and the meals associated with them.

3rd (Product Designs)



Maria Braun lives and works as a designer in Berlin. She studied product design at the Weißensee Academy of Art Berlin and focuses on material culture and everyday objects. She is especially preoccupied with materiality and material-compliant design, as well as sensual experience and sustainability. Her particular interest is in the materials ceramic and glass.