Award 2010

1970 DE
Marcel Wältring

„Canscouple for cold drinks“


„wine- & waterpitcher“ – the „buckle“ in the pitcher is both an aesthetic and a functional element. The special molding oft he spout creates a buckle that bends inward into the pitcher itself. This forms a small barrier that holds back potential solid elements (ice cubes, leomon slices, wine sediment, etc…) during pouring. The spout enables a well-directed and drip-free pour. Stainless steel V2A, polished; H 32,5/31 cm, o 70mm

Special Award (ALESSI s.p.a Italy)



1970 born 1990-1997 A-levels and apprenticeship, employment as reproretoucher, civilian service 1997-2001 studied of metal design at the HAWK Hildesheim, diploma degree 2002 freelance as designer 2007 teaching  position at the University oft he Arts, Berlin AWARD– 2007 Grant Award 2007 Landespreis Gestaltendes Handwerk Berlin EXEBITIONS- 2001 13. Silver Triennial 2002 Bavarian National Award for Design Newcomer 2003,2007 u. 2010 Landespreis Gestaltendes Handwerk Berlin