Award 2016

Marcel Pasternak



Although man and nature develop processes on earth under the same con-ditions, the results look very different. While we are constantly lubricating axles and changing cog wheels, nature solves principles of movement through highly sophisticated bending, compressing and stretching mechanisms. The study of bionics uses evolutionarily optimised knowledge from zoology and botany, while simultaneously seeking application in the human environment. The conceptual approach of seeing nature as a model and optimising processes together requires respect and a fascination for nature.

bionicTOYS is a construction toy designed to reproduce bionic principles by using the bionicTOYS flex-brick and the already existing modular construction system by LEGO® or Tinkerbots®. The animal and plant motifs created are highly dynamic. Constructing and seeing them function fosters multidimensional thinking. It makes children, as well as grown-ups, explore the intangible phenomena of nature with malleable bricks. 

1st prize (Product Designs)



Marcel Pasternak founded the studio PASTERNAK, besides studying at the Weißensee Academy of Art Berlin in 2012. He develops conceptual art installations, visionary machines and experiments in the field of bionics. After completing his Masters degree in 2016, Pasternak founded the bionicTOYS GmbH, under which he now distributes his patent-pending toy components worldwide.