Award 2016

Malte Sänger



250 kilograms of deleted and formatted hard discs were bought for their pure material value. These were restored and became the archaeological site of intimate information, worries, distress, e-mails, desires, sexual fantasies, illnesses, people’s bank account details. Information of an immense quality is fundamentally opposed to a now trivial materiality of the data medium. The raw material, the deleted hard discs, are transformed from an economic value—the rare metals it contains—into a metaphysical value. The continual progressive reconstruction of data is accompanied by a reconstruction of the existence of the former owner. The most impressive findings were written down on a piece of paper.

2nd prize (Experiments)



Malte Sänger studied photography at the Offenbach University of Arts and Design. Since 2010 his works have been shown in numerous exhibitions. He is represented in the collections of the Klingspor Museum Offenbach and the Frankfurt Verein für Künstlerhilfe.