Award 2016

Leon Rinne with Tabea Lankhuijzen, Michael Schoeninger, Andreas Hutter



A collabroration with Tabea Lankhuijzen, Michael Schoeninger, Andreas Hutter.

verbinder is a tool to connect wooden boards without any additional tools. The wood is not damaged, and assembling is very easy. verbinder is made of recycled plastic waste. For its production, plastic waste has to be separated into its various sorts, cleaned and finally shredded into granules. Later the granules are placed into an injection mould machine and heated. When the plastic granules are liquefied, it is injected into an injection mould. Afterwards the finished product can be removed from the mould. If needed, the product can be melted and reused many times without any loss of quality.

2nd prize (Product Designs)



Leon Rinne, Tabea Lanhujizen, Andreas Hutter and Michael Schöninger are students of product and communication design at the University of Art and Design Schwäbisch-Gmünd. Before graduating, Hutter completed an apprenticeship as an industrial mechanic and certified engineering technician; Schöninger completed an apprenticeship as a carpenter.