Award 2016

Kristin Dolz

Die Konform


With a tactile approach which is focused on process rather than results, forces and modes of interaction between material, object and designer are turned into a productive moment. The method is characterised by creating continuous curvatures and shaping geometries dynamically through the use of an abrasive particle stream. Translated into an interactive concept for a digital tool, new design options emerge: a virtual abrasive particle simulation enables repetition, transfer and inversion of procedures within the form-finding process. The transitions which are the result of this erosive method create a self-evident form and an inherent aesthetic.

2nd prize (Experiments)



Kristin Dolz studied at the Weißensee Academy of Art Berlin. She interned and worked as an associate at the design studio DRIFT in Amsterdam, Deutsche Werkstätten Dresden Hellerau, Modellbau werk5 Berlin and at Fjord Berlin. Her works has been exhibited in +ultra, gestaltung schafft wissen (2016) at Martin-Gropius-Bau Berlin.