Award 2016

Kalinka Gieseler



Kalinka Gieseler is interested in the usage of the (photographic) image in the scenography of commercial spaces. She documents and archives image material that influences us in the public space every day and uses it as a basis for her spatial installations. Her photography remains a physical and mobile material that is principally changeable in its form and usage and can reconstitute itself repeatedly in the respective space and context. The superimposition of different image layers in Gieseler’s photography is potentiated in the exhibition space by the use of different sizes, formats and superimpositions.

2nd prize (Photography)



Kalinka Gieseler lives and works in Leipzig and Berlin. She studied photography at the Bremen University of the Arts and at the Academy of Fine Arts Leipzig. Selected exhibitions: FdjT, pretend to work II, Kunst-verein Frankfurt (2016); 2.5.0.– Object is meditation and poetry, Grassimuseum Leipzig (2015); Win/Win, Halle14, Baumwollspinnerei Leipzig (2014).