Award 2010

1979 DE
Isabelle Enders



 „millboardmills“- usually you use paper plates only as a substitute when there is no “real“ tableware at hand. Afterwards you dispose of them. That’s so nice and easy. Contrary to paper plates, paper mills should be used for a long time, they may show traces of usage, talk about oily fingers or crayons, tell stories about a hard workday above the saucepan or the comfortable life as pure white table mill next to linen napkins. ANd when the paper is worn out, the high-quality and long-lasting ceramic grinder can be used with a new mill corpus. Isn’t that just as nice and easy.



1979 born 2000-2003 apprenticeship as silversmith 2003-2006 practice as silversmith 2006 studies at the Academy of Fine Arts Nuremberg 2008 and 2009 purchases of different peppermills by „Die Neue Sammlung“ Munich