Award 2016

Falk Messerschmidt



“The main subject of my series non-performance is the narrative potential of digital and analogue ‘image-errors’ such as glitches, reticulation, or databending. Deliberately induced or found, they enter into dialogue with the ‘intact’ content of the images and thus inform about the nature of their respective photographic material while unfolding a narration of their own. They also refer to a new and contemporary legibility of the analogue with regard to the digital and of the haptic with regard to the virtual.”

3rd prize (Photograhy)



Falk Messerschmidt studied photography in Leipzig, Nantes and Glasgow. Selected exhibitions: The Zebras and the Peregrine, Les Rencontres d’ Arles, France; non-performance, f-stop festival/maerzgalerie, Leipzig (both 2016); unfolding, Lloyds Club, London (2015); confabulations, PM Gallery, Zagreb (2014).