Award 2010

1971 DE
Daniel Hahn

"Man, lake and meadow“


"Man, lake and meadow“ - a man is posing. His equipment and attitude come from the banal everyday life: A man is looking into the bushes. A man is fishing. A man is exercising, it causes him physical strain. In the background spreads a panorama of idyllic German countryside. The photographer and is model are interacting. They are amplyfying and romanticising situations that we have already seen in that or a similar way. They push situations of everyday life in a new, unexpecting direction. They reveal the absurd in everyday things, the strange in the familiar.





1971 born 2002 Visual Communication at Hamburg´s Fine Art School and Fine Art School of Rennes (France), French and Linguistics at Hamburg´s University 2001 Bachelor in Linguistics 2002 first degree in Visual Communication, since 2002 in Geneva (Switzerland)