Award 2001

1975/ 1975 GER
Corinna Busch/ Frances Schandera

Biography Corinna Busch

Corinna Busch - born in 1975, educated and trained in Chemnitz from 1981-1993, studied fashion design at the College of Applied Arts in Schneeberg 1993-1997, diploma in 1997, in 1996, work period with JANUS Design, Erfurt, fashion designer for ladies and men's underwear with Guido Unger GmbH in Taura, freelance designer since 1998, started the fashion label »mutare«

Biography Frances Schandera

Frances Schandera - born in 1975, graduated from the College of Applied Arts in Schneeberg in 1997 as a fashion designer, placement with Erica Matile, Zurich, in 1996, Assistant Designer with Erica Matile in 1997, freelance Designer since 1997 started the fashion label »mutare« in 1998

mutare- exhibited at »Form Struktur Bewegung«, (»Form Structure Movement«) Galerie Rosenkranz, Chemnitz, in 1998, fashion performance mutare, participated in various fashion shows, workshops and exhibitions in Dresden, Leipzig, Chemnitz and other cities, presented her collection at the »German Trendsetter Show«, CPD in Düsseldorf, set up mutare atelier + showroom in Chemnitz