Award 2007

1979 DE
Carolin Weisser

"Temporary Urban Project for the City of Halle"


Halle, named as a "shrinking city" has lost about 70,000 inhabitants since 1989, a number, which is tending upwards. In the oldtown more than 25% houses are uninhabited. The omnipresence of emptiness and decay is caused also by the barred houses where windows are closed by stonewalls. The "temporary urban project" wants to change this melancholy grey townscape: He or she creates this windows by him- or herself, by choosing elements of a given catalogue, made out of existing open windows in Halle. Part of the project is also the "Basicstation" which moves in empty buildings until there are sold or pulled down. It is not only a place of exhibition, which exposes the emptiness and the decay of the houses from inside, but it is also a central point where you can choose your house and create your window. The "Basicstation" simply consists of borrowed euro-pallets, and is thus adjustable to many building sizes and produces as little waste as possible.


Special Award


1979 born 1998 A-levels 1998 - 1999 Training Economic Assistant 1999 - 2000 Training joiner since 2000 studied Interior Design HKD Burg Giebichenstein, Halle 2003 Exchange semester, Libera Universita di Bolzano, Facolta Design 2004 Internship at NL Architects, Amsterdam 2005 Concept and realisation of an interior at the new station, Halle, together with Judith Kernt for BLP Architekten, Hamburg 2006 Internship at France Agence OAL, Edouard Francois, Paris, Agence Patrick Jouin, Paris 2007 Final Examination Dipl. Ing. Interior Designer