Award 2010

1973 DE
Bernhard Ellmann



At first glance, the tea-timer „Zack“! is  a cryptic object. Ist appearance offers almost no hint of ist function. But as soon as you know what Zack! is and how you use it, you will find that ist form possesses no arbitrary elements. The functionis mirrired perfectly by ist design. Though, seemingly magic remains the inner life of Zack! Without any ticking and clacking, and without any battery case it’s mysterious why Zack! tilts over, and why after a precisely defined period of time.

Appreciation + Special Award (NAEF Spiele AG, Schweiz and Wirtschaftsjunioren Chemnitz e.V.)


1973 born in Zwiesel 1994-1997 Technical College of Glass and  Jewellery, Kaufbeuren/Neugablonz 1997-2000 own studio in Munich 2000-2006 College of Fine Arts in Nuremberg, class for gold- and silversmithing 2003-2006 Munich School of Philosophy SJ 2005 B.A. in Philosophy 2006 Master Student of Prof. Ulla Mayer 2007 own studio in Munich 2009 research associate at the Chair for Building Realization and Robotics, Prof. Thomas Bock, TU Munich, since 2009 Munich  School of Philosophy SJ