Award 2010

1983 DE
Alexandra Grein

"Terra - aconstruct of landscape“


"Terra - aconstruct of landscape“ - the "Re-romaticizing of Landscape" - when we look at landscape it´s always connected to subjective feelings. Lanscape is construct which is build up in our heads. The observation of landscape is individual and influenceable by emotions. In contrast Satellite are merely unemotional documents. These are used for navigation and reproduction of the Earth´s surface. So this is about pure mapping. Caspar David Friedrich, a figurehead of romanticism, visualized his subjective perception of landscape in his paintings. On his travels and hikes he drew sketches, which later served as references for his landscape compositions. The artwork "Terra" is made up of satelite images from the different places where the painter had made his drawings. These landscape-constructions are a homage to Caspar David Friedrich, the Romantic painter.

Award Winner



1983 born in Cologne 1987 - 1994 grown up in Portugal, Vilar Formoso 2004 - 2010 studies of Communication Design, focus photography, University of Applied Sciences Düsseldorf, Germany 2008 stay abroad in Barcelona and art studies at Bau - escola superior de disseny 2010 diploma degree at University of Applied Sciences Düsseldorf, focus photography, Prof. Gerhard Vormwand, since 2010 work freelance as an artist